Today we started at 6am going to the most incredible outer reaches of Lima. We picked up Joel, known as Romano, at his circus and we visited four other family circuses spread out in various locations. One notable thing was the quantity of loose dogs in the streets. Each block had at least 5-6 loose dogs of all shapes, colors, sizes, and breeds running around willy nilly. Sometimes there were group of between 10-15, fighting and humping and generally entertaining themselves.

With Joel’s help, we found 4 different circuses and we will begin to shoot again on Monday.

I am really tired from the work this week. If I can continue at this pace, I may have 12 different circuses photographed, video interviews with the owners, and more by the end of the month.

I am going to take off a couple of days now and will write on Monday. I want to visit the Cathedral of Lima and see my uncle’s crypt. I also want to get dressed up and have a couple of Pisco Sours in good company.

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