Mauro, his father, and I went to San Juan de Lurigancho with our taxi driver, Cristian. We met up with Joel and his wife, Milagros, who own the Circo Romano. He also goes by the name Romano and she by the name of Daughter of Sabu. Both of them spoke to me about their respective personal histories as circus performers and the difficulties they have had with the authorities vandalizing their tents and ripping them apart. More will come about that issue which is very common among the family circuses I have visited so far.

Then Joel put on his makeup and outfit and performed his trapeze act for us.

Milagros is a flame blower and she performed her act as well. Very powerful day.

Mauro shot some video as I shot stills.

I  have shot 20 rolls in a week. I am happy with the work and with the friendships I am making with the members of these small circuses. They are welcoming, open people.

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