It has been a while.

I realize now that I never explained what parallax errors really are.

Parallax error:

“The error/displacement caused in in the apparent position of the object due to the viewing angle that is other than the angle that is perpendicular to the object.”

There you have it.

Photographers became aware of parallax error when using a rangefinder camera. That’s why Uncle Joe’s foot or Aunt Mabel’s finger was in the picture when you were sure they were not there. Without parallax correction in better cameras, you do not see what you get in the viewfinder because the lens and viewfinder are separate.

For a photographic artists where you are and how you see things is relative so accuracy about eye level and such takes a backseat most of the time. But, as with most things, there is a time when accuracy is important and expression becomes secondary.

Here, however, parallax errors will not be vilified, rather hailed as such.

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