1.03.14 Random, totally random

What an odd morning.

That said, I cannot sit in front of the computer screen in my pajamas any longer. Snow and cold cannot deter me from stirring the stumps because I think my muscles will seriously atrophy.  After this post, adios.

I got some interesting emails today and a post from a fellow artist on FB with the Justin Timberlake SNL skit called Dick in a Box. If you have not seen it, watch it on Vimeo or YouTube. My education was so incomplete without this.


American humor is curious. It is self-deprecating and, when not totally stupid, derives some of its absurdity from British humor which is tops. I like Justin Timberlake even more.

My cockatiel Doofus, the gray companion of yellow Goofus, has learned to say “Good Morning” so well enunciated that it is impressive. Goofus sings the Cubs anthem, though, so he’s not an underachiever.  They are males, about 15 years old, and get on very well. I have never had any bird live this long. They like the light in the room, I feed them good stuff, and keep them clean. They do not fly around or leave their cage. Once one got out by mistake. We both almost had strokes.

Someone posted on FB something about an odd Japanese fad among teenagers called Oculinctus.


Where do people come up with these things? Whether it is a tabloid hoax or not, it was put out there for people to consider. Then there are Japan’s “hikikomore” hermits.

“They’re mostly disaffected teenagers and twenty-somethings, withdrawn almost completely from society. There is no precise explanation to account for the rise in hikikomori, though there are several known contributing factors, including the rise of the internet, intense academic pressures, and parents willing to shelter their children well into adulthood.  Psychiatrists (many of whom are forced to make house calls to visit their patients), have only recently set upon the task of helping the group dubbed by some as “the missing million.”

There’s more.

“There is a growing trend among young women for yaeba (literally “double tooth”) caps on the canines, which lends their smile a kind of crowded appearance. ” Orthodontists, pack your bags.




I am not singling out the Japanese but there seem to be as many crazies there as here or in North Korea.

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