planning new stuff

Enough of grumpface me. The worst of the holiday season has passed and I feel better already. This morning I was thinking about a new photo project, one I would like to start in Perú, when I go in June.  I would like to shoot it digitally, just because I want to do it in color. I never have liked the look of prints from color film or transparencies but digital color is great.

What I would like is to shoot from unusual angles with my Gorillapod and then fire remotely. I have a nice Nikon plus a couple of prime lenses and I want to use them.

Short story, I just called B&H and Pete, a guy anyone should work with, helped me get the right stuff for radio controlled remote firing and it cost less than $50.00. One Happy Camper.

I love to think about new projects, how I can do them, and then experiment for a while before I go and make stuff for keeps.

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