A week from tonight I will be home in my own bed. Although I miss my family there, I am suffering separation anxiety already about leaving here. Today was the last day for shooting. Monday I pick up the last twelve rolls and start the process of packing away equipment and shipping some to the south of the country for my next visit, whenever that may be.

Today my bodyguard, my driver, and I had lunch together in the center of the city. At one point, Christian, the driver, began to talk about how much the friendship the three of us had formed has meant to him. We felt his emotion as he teared up. We all said that we felt we had met for a reason and that it was a blessing. I came home and cried a little.

It is unusual to form a bond this strong in such a short time but I know what good people they both are.

I feel that my project is done so that brings some sadness, too.

So, my friends, I will end this blog by saying how nice it has been to share this trip with you. I am looking forward to working on the photographs for the next few months. I will post something on FB when I have them online on a new website I am designing.

Best to you all.

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