Tomorrow I am off at 8am to the Insane Asylum in Lima. It is a very old complex of buildings from the republican era in Lima, named Larco Herrera.

I am very excited as I sent a ‘solicitud’ or petition to photograph last year and it was granted just after I left Peru. They saved me the signed form and tomorrow I can shoot the Patriot Days of Peru. This is on the 28th of July, Peru’s independence day, like our 4th of July. Peruvians are very proud of their country, as they should be, and being half Peruvian myself, I feel the pride as well.

Tomorrow all the asylum inmates will dress up and form a parade which will run throughout the asylum buildings. I am delighted to be able to show the lighter and happier side of life which is very hard, often very painful as well. To be insane is a terrible thing but I hope to see some moments of joy and shared pride.

I will post a digital image tomorrow but I will be shooting mainly B&W on film so no way to post those.

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