Today was a day to shoot the “malabaristas,” or street gymnasts, I would call them, who perform gymnastic feats at the intersections.

Found a great group of young men, ages 12-35. The oldest was the leader and told the others what to do, how to do it, and ran the show. Two Emergency Police sat in their car watching. When I laid down on the ground to photograph their jumps, there was a mini crowd around me. I think I could have charged a fee. Anyway, the oldest guy was like a father figure to the younger ones; they followed his orders precisely and with total respect. The youngest of all, a boy of about 12  kept putting his arms affectionately around the oldest guy, in a gesture of love and submission. It would be interesting to know more about that relationship.

When I got up from the ground there were three transvestites behind me and we chatted briefly about what good athletes the boys were.

Then the oldest guy let me shoot him somersaulting over the police car with them in it. How fun was that!

Good day except I lost my cell phone. The gods can be cruel and make you pay for any joy.

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