Today I fought all morning with a brand new and VERY crappy small dye sub Canon printer that I brought with me. My intention was to print the digital pix I take afterward and give them as a gift to my photo subjects. The printer is totally useless.

I will haul it back and get my $$$ back. Always something.

Tonight my cousin and I are going to a photo opening at the Ojo Ajeno en Lima, a fine photo institute.

spectacle |ˈspektəkəl|
a visually striking performance or display : the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle | the show is pure spectacle.
• an event or scene regarded in terms of its visual impact : the spectacle of a city’s mass grief.
make a spectacle of oneself draw attention to oneself by behaving in a ridiculous way in public.
ORIGIN Middle English : via Old French from Latin spectaculum ‘public show,’ from spectare, frequentative of specere ‘to look.’
spectacles |ˈspektəkəlz| |ˈspɛktəkəlz| |ˈspɛktək(ə)lz|
plural noun
another term for glasses .

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