Yesterday was full of surprises.

The first circus was very small, a circular tent about 25 feet across, with small colored tents on the periphery which serve as living quarters for the family. The floor is dirt and piled inside the tent are wooden planks used as benches for the night performances. The circus is located on the outermost rim of San Juan de Lurigancho.

Ivan, the son-in-law of the owner, met with us and talked about the history of their circus and his life as a trapeze artist. He had worked in large circuses in Mexico and in Europe but was badly injured in a fall. Since then he works only with his immediate and political family to try to improve his life and that of his children. His children go to school during the day and Ivan is very proud that his son has never had to put on the makeup of a performer. He wants a better life for him.

I photographed Ivan and his monkey, Martin.

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