Funny story from my dad (who is 95 and in super health). He was reminiscing about  his childhood in Peru and a time when he was 14. The family went on vacation to a seaside town called Mollendo, on the Pacific coast, and my dad took his soccer ball with him. In the afternoon he found a bunch of other boys to start a game on the beach. Now that was forbidden and soon the police came to break up the game.

Having none of it, the boys continued playing between the legs of the policemen, running circles around them and laughing. Finally they were caught and dragged off to the police station and left to sit, while parents were sought.

After about three hours, the dinner for the policemen was delivered to the station and left on the front table. My dad and  the boys ate it all and, when discovered, the policemen were furious. The boys protested vociferously, saying that they were being unfairly starved.

The police kept my dad’s ball.

Mollendo, 1929

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liese ricketts

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