Four days to go before I leave and there is a mountain of details to address.

I wanted to bring the large prints from last year along with me to show some galleries or museum people but it is impossible with the restrictions on baggage. I already have one bag too many and 2 bags are just cameras, film, printer, negative sleeves, binders, model releases, iPod, iPhone, and all the attendant cords and doodads that go with them. Dang.

The budget is somewhat tight and I am hoping that I can work out a deal with Profesa, the company I use there, for my film development.

I am starting to think the 4X5 is a questionable choice, not the camera I like the most, but maybe the challenge will be worth it. My trusty Hassie may be the camera I use after all. I may need to work fast.

The first place I think I will go will be to San Juan de Lurigancho, a neighborhood on the outskirts where there is a young man who owns a small circus.

I have one bodyguard, Mauro, who has spoken to a friend to work with us as well, so there will be two security “serenos” with me when I work. I am sure I will need them, especially if I am under a dark cloth.

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